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Are you looking to expand your company’s sales operations to France or do you want increased growth over there? 
Do you know what potential France holds for your product or service? What regions are home to your intended target group? And do you know enough about the way of doing business in France?
These are questions that you should ask yourself to determine how ready you are for your French adventure.

France is a totally unique nation
Companies often send sales colleagues, who just happen to speak French, to France to market products or services. In our opinion, this option is less likely to succeed, simply because the sale colleague is not French.

There are major differences in culture and business methods

Often, the French approach is more formal and indirect. Gaining trust and actually getting to the point often take longer than we’re accustomed to. The language can also be a challenge. All practical obstacles that you may encounter when you venture into the French market. Many years will have gone by before you’ve familiarised yourself with French business culture and become successful. And, generally speaking, the French secretly prefer doing business with the French.

Choose local people
Even though differences can be bridged, we recommend that you choose local people if you want to start, expand or optimise operations in France. This is the easiest way of bridging the differences between your company and its French clientele. Instead of making it your customers’ problem, the challenge will stay within your company. Understanding each other and cooperating effectively will become an internal goal. It is easier to manage and makes sales in France less complicated.

Are you looking for a sales professional, account manager, business developer, manager or director in France?
We’ll find you the right person within 8 weeks. Finding good local people is an skill, but is something in which we have a lot of experience. It’s all about finding the person who matches your mission, with a focus on the long term and sustainable success. No quick wins. A person’s personality, potential and ambition must perfectly match your company and its objectives.

Our approach in 5 steps
  • 01.


    Where are your French expansion opportunities? And what does the fulfilment of your international ambition involve? Together, we’ll find the right strategy for you.
  • 02.


    To find the right people, we use our experience, our intuition and our network. We compare the candidates’ ambitions and personality with those of your company.
  • 03.


    We’ll find the right sales colleague for you in France within an 8-week period. Someone who thinks outside existing frameworks and enjoys contributing to an international company.
  • 04.


    Our goal is sustainable results. We guarantee your new French colleague for a period of one year so that we’re sure that they’re an asset to your company.
  • 05.


    Following the start of your collaboration, we maintain regular contact and coach you and your new colleague to enable you to work well together and achieve the desired results.

Why Oryx?

We believe in sincere attention, in quality and in enjoyable cooperation to reach sustainable success in France.
  • Understanding business

    We’re familiar with all the doubts and questions surrounding French ambitions, and – by now – also know the answers.

  • Experience

    Doing business in France has been our specialty for years. This is based on our own living and working experience over there.

  • Language & Culture

    Ensuring understanding of different languages and cultures is important when it comes to successful sales in France. We speak French and are familiar with the French culture.

  • Intuition

    To find the right people, we use our experience, while our greatest adviser is our intuition.

  • Transparency

    We actively involve you as our client and you’ll know exactly what you can expect.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee your new colleague in France for a period of twelve months so that we’re sure that they’re an asset to your company.

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