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Our own experience

When we ourselves lived and worked abroad, we experienced the inspiring and enriching nature of international business and intercultural collaboration. If you want to bridge differences and be successful, you’ll have to face certain challenges. Challenges that will involve broadening your horizons and developing your personality and skills. Following an interesting path that leads to awareness and growth.

Prosperity for all

New people and new cultures offer new understandings and new opportunities. Prosperity for all, is our goal! That’s why we’d like to help you get further on the international scene. Oryx is committed to more successful and enjoyable international sales.

Our core values

Full focus

International success depends on full attention. It means that you can listen actively, recognise signals and ask constructive questions. We fully focus on everyone we interact with, and on everything we do. We have consciously chosen to specialise, and we focus on making the right decisions and ensuring sustainable profitability.

Truly caring

We determine the direction and take steps in close cooperation with our clients and their (prospective) colleagues. A genuine desire to help people achieve international success is what motivates us every day.


We use tried and tested tools and techniques, although intuition is our greatest adviser when it comes to making decisions and taking action. Intuition is our compass. It guides us and the services we provide. Just like an oryx is guided by instinct.

Our Team

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Do you have international ambitions?

Whether it is about starting to sell abroad, growing internationally or professionalising abroad, we are happy to help you achieve your goals. Make an appointment for a no-obligation introduction. We are curious about your plans and are happy to advise you on the best approach.