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You see interesting opportunities in the Netherlands. You want to start selling in the Netherlands or further develop your sales activities on the Dutch market. Then we would like to work together with you.

Choose a local sales colleague
Do you want to start or grow in the Netherlands and be successful more quickly? Local sales professionals know their way in the Netherlands, know the local market, and often have an interesting network. They also know how to do business in the Netherlands and how to close deals. Employing a local sales colleague is the easiest way of bridging the differences between your company and the Dutch market. In this way you and your Dutch colleague work together on an enjoyable and lasting collaboration with your customers.

Are you looking for a sales professional, account manager, sales manager or director in the Netherlands?
We’ll help you find one. Because we know the market and have been active in recruiting sales people in the Netherlands for years, we can find the right local sales person for you. Someone who perfectly matches you and your company. A person who, in terms of competencies, matches the goals of your company. We’ll also introduce you to parties that can help you set up a Dutch employment contract and payroll system. You can then rest assured that everything is in place.

Support in working together
Once you and your Dutch colleague start to collaborate, understanding each other and cooperating effectively will still be an internal challenge. In this sense, we’ll support you with our Intercultural Awareness coaching. We’ll provide you and your new colleague with insight into your own cultures, the cultural differences and the practical implications. This will create mutual understanding. And once you understand each other, the Netherlands is a great country for doing business. The right approach will add a further dimension to your cooperation and success will be a logical consequence.

Over an 8-week period, we’ll help you find good sales people in the Netherlands. We’ll follow a structured and precise approach. You’ll have the benefit of our know-how and network, meaning that you’ll have a firm foundation on which to build your collaboration. Through our coaching, we’ll prepare you for the communication and cooperation challenges that you’ll be facing. To sum it up, a solid foundation for joint success.

Do you have ambitions about venturing into the Netherlands?

Or do you already operate in the Netherlands, with less than desirable results? Request an obligation-free consultation so that we can listen to your story and advise you on the approach that is best for you.