We recruit

Local sales people for your international success

Do you want to start off or expand internationally? Then we’d like to work together with you, because we simplify international business by finding the right local salespeople in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France.

Fulfil your international ambitions

Use our knowledge and experience for international business success. We’ll help you find good international sales people in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. And we’ll make sure that your management, sales team and new colleagues are well prepared for intercultural collaboration.

Why Oryx?

We are committed to greater success and enjoyment when it comes to international sales.

  • FOCUS - We consciously choose to specialise. We fully focus on everyone we interact with, and on everything we do.
  • TRULY CARING - People are not resources, people are human beings. Helping people and companies move forward is what motivates us.
  • INTUITION - Although we use proven techniques, intuition is our greatest adviser when it comes to making decisions and taking action.