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Do you want to sell your product or service in Germany? Or do you already operate in Germany, but want to follow a more professional approach? Or do you use an agent in Germany who is yielding poor results?
Whatever your plans may be, Germany offers fantastic opportunities. Just remember that the local business culture is different to what we’re accustomed to.

A huge market with plenty of opportunities
Even so, we’ve noticed that it’s not always easy to be successful in Germany. This is because the way of doing business is different. We often find the negotiation, cooperation and decision-making methods strange. This is mainly due to cultural differences.

Local salespeople
To achieve commercial success in Germany, it would be wise to exploit the German market with the help of local sales people. In practice, companies often use sales colleagues, who just happen to speak German, to expand the German market. This is obviously an option, although a German sales person would be far more likely to achieve success. Such a person would ensure a connection between your company and its German customers much quicker.

Collaborating with a German colleague
Imagine you’ve taken on a German sales person. How do they go about their work? How should I communicate with them? How will I stay in control from abroad? Can they work with a foreign manager? These are questions that our customers often ask us. Please rest assured. In addition to finding a German colleague, we’ll prepare both of you for an effective and enjoyable collaboration.

Are you looking for a sales professional, account manager, business developer, manager or director in Germany?
We’ll find you the right person within 8 weeks. We have the necessary experience and know our way around German culture. Thanks to our widespread network, we can advise you on aspects like region, market and legislation. We look beyond the skills of a candidate. The right personality is just as important. We subsequently provide insight into the cultural differences and create a sound basis for a head start along with you.

Our approach in 5 steps
  • 01.


    Where are your German expansion opportunities? And what does the fulfilment of your ambition in Germany involve? During a comprehensive intake meeting, together we’ll find the right strategy for you.
  • 02.


    To find the right people in Germany, we use our experience, our intuition, the most effective channels and our network. We compare the candidates’ ambitions and personality with those of your company.
  • 03.


    We’ll find the right German sales colleague for you within an 8-week period. Someone who thinks outside existing frameworks and enjoys contributing to an international company.
  • 04.


    Our goal is sustainable results. We guarantee your new colleague for a period of one year so that we’re sure that they’re an asset to your company.
  • 05.


    Following the start of your collaboration, we maintain regular contact and coach you and your new colleague to enable you to work well together and achieve the desired results.

Why Oryx?

We believe in sincere attention, in quality and in enjoyable cooperation to reach sustainable success in Germany.
  • Understanding business

    We’re familiar with all the doubts and questions surrounding Germany ambitions, and – by now – also know the answers.

  • Experience

    International business has been our specialty for years. This based on our personal and professional experiences over there.

  • Language & Culture

    Ensuring understanding of different languages and cultures is important when it comes to successful international sales. We speak German and are familiar with the German culture that you’ll encounter.

  • Intuition

    To find the right people in Germany, we use our experience, while our greatest adviser is our intuition.

  • Transparency

    We actively involve you as our client and you’ll know exactly what you can expect.

  • Guarantee

    We guarantee your new colleague for a period of twelve months so that we’re sure that they’re an asset to your company.

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