Other customs, methods and cultures
When doing business internationally, you’re bound to encounter different customs, different methods and different cultures. These can provide new insights and opportunities, as long as you know how to recognise them. You can do that by connecting with your colleague or customer, despite your differences. It’s all about awareness, understanding and a willingness to explore the other person’s culture. Connecting instead of adapting. Bridging instead of influencing.

Intercultural training
We offer two programmes aimed at your management, your sales team and your new colleagues:

Intercultural Awareness
What is culture? What effect does your own culture have? What are the differences? And what does this mean in a practical sense?

Intercultural Readiness
What competences are necessary to bridge differences? In order to connect without sacrificing your authenticity? What competences do you have? And how can you further develop them?

Through these programmes, we provide insight and create awareness and understanding. This leads to constructive cooperation with international colleagues and customers. Differences stop being frustrating. Instead, diversity is transformed into a great strength.

Our approach in 4 steps
  • 01.


    What is culture? What does your culture look like? And what does this mean in practice?
  • 02.


    What are the differences? Can your skills bridge the differences?
  • 03.


    How can you further develop them?
  • 04.


    How can you use your (new) competences to make cooperation more effective and enjoyable?

Why Oryx?

We believe in sincere attention, in quality and in enjoyable cooperation to reach sustainable success.
  • Mission

    We create awareness and a nourishing base for more successful and enjoyable international sales and cooperation.

  • Sensitivity

    Our greatest strength is intuition; we teach you how to use your intuition for smooth and effective international cooperation.

  • Experience

    We have worked internationally for many years and have, as people, grown a lot over that time.

  • Tools

    We make it easy to measure and understand the way in which cultural differences affect cooperation, so that we can subsequently improve it.

  • Goal-driven

    We constantly strive towards ensuring that your international sales are more successful and enjoyable.

  • Lasting result

    We improve your competences so that you can use them at all times for successful collaboration with international colleagues. No quick wins.

What else can we offer?

International Recruitment

Whether you want to start selling abroad, expand across the border or professionnalise internationally.

We find good sales people to fulfill your international ambitions.

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